Who we are

What makes Firework Ent different? It’s the dedication and passion to create the best visual motion possible. Firework Ent is the result of a collaboration between experienced, talented, and most of all determined film producers striving beyond the norm in order to define something completely new. Budgets do not dictate quality, passion does, and quality comes before all else. Film is, after all, the most powerful combination of visual and audible mediums that has ever existed. That’s why we are proud to work with everyone who understands and treasures this belief.

Put simply, we love what we’re doing and we know how to do it. Our commitment to quality content and the development of concepts is unparalleled, as is our desire to create films that inspire, move, and mean something to the audience.

The team has successfully completed a wide variety of productions for both public and private clients, and already had its first feature film completed.

This is who we are. We will always stand behind what we do. This is our message, and our promise to you. For those out there who believe anything is possible, in a world that so often suggests otherwise…

Firework Ent is for you.