Firework Enterprise.  is a full service  Marketing, Sales , Design, Technology Agency that develops  Interesting ideas intended to creatively align our clients with value that meets their expectations.
We offer digital  marketing, promotion marketing, graphic design  , web development  ,  multimedia and entertainment   solutions

Our clients have included heavy hitters such as Us Army , Vh1,All State , Keller Williams,Miller Coors, Trojan Magnum , Soul Diggaz  and many more .


Marketing  Process
Create an emotional brand touch point to consumers to increase
purchase intent and brand awareness.

Generate excitement for your brand through unique consumer interaction that leverages global brand position.

We will present and develop an authentic foundation for discipline of self with a professionally operated structure specializing within our daily characteristics bridging together the internet, art,music and thoughts with useful materials and effective services.

Identify the opportunity- By studying companies,markets and strategy while monitoring the industry specific trends

Concentrated targeting- Firework CO. is able to Pinpoint the specific locations,habits and lifestyle of the target.
Brand press release/Ad placement – Global , Google , Yahoo, journalists ,bloggers, millions of people etc


Multimedia Process

Photography-  Visual still Photo’s that will bring new visual excitement to client’s catered market.

Graphic Design – Create a visual  effect for client to market to the world.

Web Design –Create new website to appeal to brands catered market which will allow more excitement to be generated to brand.

Visual Directing – Generate Emotional Visual Excitement awareness of brand.

Consulting   Process

Create exciting ideas for clients to help generate a higher revenue

Advise clients – assistance to solve problems, create new programs, and evaluate budget purchases—in short, help with the many new challenges resulting from the exploding need of  change daily .

Leading the clients path with  expertise of  marketing,multimedia entertainment & entrepreneur investments.

Connecting the Brand with different Networking affiliates


Technology Process

Network Installation

Virus Removal

Data Back Up and Recovery

Wireless Cell Phone Repair