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Communicate with your customers like never before.

TextAlertz is a fast, affordable and easy way to stay in contact with your customers. Leverage the power of mobile marketing to increase sales for your business. TextAlertz mobile marketing platform allows you to communicate on-demand with your entire database. Share important announcements, or send mobile coupons and special offers. Your customers will appreciate the extra value you provide, and you will appreciate the boost to your bottom line.

Mobile Marketing Solutions


QR Codes

You may have seen QR Codes in a magazine advertisement, on a billboard, a web page or even on someone’s t-shirt. QR is the abbreviation for Quick Response. When you scan a QR Code with your cell phone, it usually directs you to a specific website.
TextAlertz now offers the ability for you to create QR Codes within TextAlertz in 3 distinct ways for specific purposes at no extra charge.

  1. First of all, you can convert any web site URL into a QR Code simply by pasting the URL into the QR Code Generator tool in your TextAlertz marketing center.
  2. Secondly, anytime you create a free mobile web site within your TextAlertz account, you can download a corresponding QR Code that links directly to that new mobile site.
  3. Finally, you can actually generate a QR Code for any Keyword campaign you create. When users scan the QR Code with a QR reader on their phone, it will actually launch their texting program on their phone and pre-populate both the keyword and the 55469 (555444 in Canada) short code. All they have to do is hit send and they have opted into your list!

Once you generate your QR Code in TextAlertz, simply save the graphic to your computer and then insert it into any printed material to promote your business. It is really that easy.


Media where QR codes are being used include:

  • Billboard Ads
  • Event Ticketing & Tracking
  • Business Cards
  • Contests
  • Websites
  • Videos Coupons
  • Twitter, Facebook, MySpace
  • In-store Displays
  • Trade-show Management
  • Links to YouTube Video
  • Print Ads
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Email Marketing


Mobile Websites

Over the next few years the number of visits to your website from a Smartphone will outnumber the visits from a laptop or desktop. Your current website is not designed for the smaller Smartphone screen, building a site that looks great, is easy to navigate, and helps you deliver more transactions is paramount to the success of your organization. Whether building a mobile website that automatically converts traffic from searches right to your site, or simply building a mobile site that can be delivered right to the phones of your opted-in mobile databases, we have the platform to serve your customers’ needs! Build your own mobile website in minutes, which looks rich in smart phones and graceful even in low end phones. Our mobile sites have big buttons, easy to complete forms; delivering rich content that make your brand come alive on a mobile device. Because of the rapid growth of the mobile web, it is no wonder that 89% of major brands either already have or are building out their mobile web presence. Having to zoom in and out on websites not modified for your mobile phone can be a hassle and they will click off your site. Ease the process for your clients today with our easy to use mobile website platform.


Social Media Posting

Each Campaign Manager is now enabled with the ability to do Social Posting to Facebook. (Other social networks will be available soon. With this tool, specified users can now manage all company social campaigns at once within the Management Dashboard. They can choose to post messages immediately or at a future date/time. This is a completely FREE feature. For more information on how to set this up please visit your Virtual Office for step-by-step instructions.


Why Text Marketing Works

Many businesses are unfamiliar with the many benefits of text marketing. You have an opportunity to share these benefits, and in the process can establish a long-term customer that could stay on the service for years to come. Explain to your customers that by selecting and promoting a “keyword” to their customers (or potential customers), they will be creating their own private database that can be reached anytime they wish with special offers or announcements. Explain also that, while 90% of commercial emails are never even opened, a full 97% of text messages are read. Text marketing empowers businesses to communicate with impact like never before. Now is the time to share this product, because within the next two years virtually every business will be utilizing this service. The only question is whether they are getting the service from you or from someone else.

Here is the Link https://www.textalertz.com/?Language=1&RIN=L584391